At Argos Fire Protection Ltd, we offer a full range of fire suppression solutions by Reacton.


Reacton systems automatically detect and suppress a fire before it has the opportunity to get out of control.  Designed using specialist technology, and having undergone rigorous testing, Reacton systems protect assets and property with no power requirements – giving you 24/7 peace of mind. 


All systems can be integrated with any safety alarm, alert or monitoring system you may have in your property and can be adapted to suit your exact requirements.  They are easy to install with a modular design to fit even the most limited of spaces.  Reacton systems are the most reliable fire suppression systems in the world and carry third party approvals and certifications, meeting or exceeding the highest level of international standards.


3 year warranty on all Reacton Systems.

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems



The Reacton On Road vehicle fire suppression system features include;


  • System & components tested to ISO 16750-3:2007
  • Corrosion resistance to ISO 21207:2016
  • Multi Port High Flow Discharge Valve
  • Robust detection system
  • High performance with low nozzle count


Dry Powder


Dry Powder is the tried and tested solution for the suppression of engine fire.  Also known as Dry Chemical, Dry Powder has the ability to rapidly tackle hidden fires that other solutions may not be able to reach.


The Reacton CTX Indirect fire suppression system uses FUREX 770 ABC Dry Powder (a Mono Ammonium Phosphate – NH4H2P04). High grade ABC Dry Powder is silicone coated for water repellency and fluidised flow properties.  It is ideally suited for vehicle fire suppression; it is stable at extreme temperatures and electrically non-conductive.

Reacton’s vehicle fire suppression systems offer complete fire protection and are certified to P-Mark SPCR 183 & UNECE R107.  The systems are easy to install, supplied with a 3 year warranty and can be fitted to any vehicle, including:


  • Bus, Coach & Passenger Vehicles
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Road Cranes & Lifting Equipment
  • Boom Lifts & Cherry Pickers


With over 800 vehicle fires being recorded per year in the UK, the integration of a vehicle fire suppression system is essential.  Reacton fire suppression systems detect the fire and deliver the extinguishing agent automatically, to minimise the spread of the fire and the risk to passengers.


For passenger vehicles, installing a Reacton Fire Suppression System will provide a certified solution that has undergone rigorous testing by a globally recognised research institute.


CNC Fire Protection Systems



Clean Agents


The Reacton Clean Agent range consists of 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid and FM-200 waterless fire suppressant from Chemours.  These are the most trusted and tested liquefiable gases on the market and can be discharged in both direct and indirect fire suppression systems.


Reacton Clean Agents have the following approvals:


  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) listed through the US Environment Protection Agency (U.S. EPA)

Reacton automatic fire suppression systems for the protection of CNC machines and their operators, using Clean Agents.


Reacton fire suppression systems have been successfully used in CNC machinery for over 25 years – saving shops and operating personnel from the effects of fire.

The systems are recognised by insurance companies and are supported by a comprehensive fire risk assessment prior to installation.


The Reacton CNC machine fire suppression system uses proprietary detection tubing, which once installed in the protected area, will detect fire inside the machinery.  When a fire is detected, the patented automatic pneumatic valve operates, causing the extinguishing agent to be released into the machinery.  Pressure switches and indication panels alert the CNC operator to the fire, and these can also be connected to other communication platforms, such as to a central building alarm system.


Designed to meet the most robust and demanding of global certification standards, the Reacton systems are manufactured under BSI IS09001:2015, and are CE and DOT Compliant.

Components undergo vigorous testing such as ISO 16750-2:2007, ISO 21207 and IEC 60529:1989.

Heavy Equipment Fire Suppression Systems



Protect and safeguard your personnel and critical business assets.  The Reacton system works in harmony with the battery isolation, engine shutdown, remote activation and monitoring to automatically prevent fire.  Economical and compact, Reacton Systems can be installed in, or mounted onto, all forms of heavy equipment, such as:


  • Heavy Duty Excavators
  • Compactors
  • Groundwork Machines
  • Mining Equipment


Dual Agent System


Using a combination of Dry Powder and Wet Chemical, Reacton automatic fire suppression systems offer outstanding fire suppression.  On the detection of fire, the system automatically and simultaneously provides the rapid flame knockdown of Dry Powder along with the cooling and blanketing properties of Wet Chemical.  Important Note:  The National Fire Protection Association state that hydraulic/diesel excavators with hydraulic systems above 567.8L should be provided with dual agent systems.

Certified to the most demanding standards, such as PMark SPCR199, the Reacton heavy equipment automatic fire suppression systems protect any type of heavy machinery.  Reacton is the only manufacturer in the world to be able to provide a system that meets the testing set out by the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE).




  • Zero reliance on electrical power
  • Rugged design – all functional components constructed from stainless steel
  • Multi Port high flow discharge valve
  • Robust detection system
  • Certified to SPCR 199 and rated A+ in their ability to extinguish fire
  • Quality Components, manufactured and tested to ISO 16750-3:2007
  • Corrosion resistance to ISO 21207:2016
  • Quality Management System audited by BSI
  • CE & DOT – meeting global regulatory and legislative standards
  • 3 year warranty provided

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems



Kitchen fires are the biggest cause of injury in residential properties.  Pan fires can quickly escalate into a devasting house fire.  The use of conventional fire protection methods, such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers, require the presence of a person and sprinkler systems will only protect to a limited extent.


Specifically designed to be compact and lightweight, the Reacton Automatic Residential Kitchen Fire Suppression System will directly protect you and your property.  The system uses a unique pneumatic detection tube which bursts upon the detection of fire and deploys specialist Wet Chemical through a stainless-steel discharge nozzle.  This process happens quickly and automatically leaving minimal mess.


Class F Wet Chemical


The leading choice for fire suppression of fats and oils, chemicals are stored as a liquid and pressurised with dry nitrogen.  Class F Wet Chemical reacts with hot fats and oils to create a soapy, heat-resistant layer which prevents flammable vapours reacting with oxygen. 

Kitchen fire can spread rapidly and pose a serious threat to life, as well as causing severe damage to your property.  Reacton offers protection to homes and businesses around the world.


An automatic fire suppression system will detect and suppress fires that are often caused by the ignition of oil or a faulty appliance.




  • Reliable and scalable with an ability to operate in any kitchen environment
  • Easy to install modular design
  • No electrical power required
  • Rugged design – designed to operate in harsh environments
  • Supported by standards-based documentation
  • CE & DOT – meeting global legislative and regulatory standards
  • Quality components manufactured and tested to the highest standards
  • BSI ISO09001:2015 quality management system audited by BSI
  • 3 year warranty supplied

Electrical Panel Fire Suppression Systems



Due to the high risk of potential electrical fire, the Reacton Automatic Fire Suppression systems are designed to offer uninterrupted support for your business.  In the event of a fire, not only are the electrical cabinet, panel or appliances compromised, but the spread of fire could lead to devasting damage and risk to life.   Faulty wiring, poor maintenance and overloaded circuits are all risk factors, and early detection and suppression is vital.


A Reacton system is installed directly at the point of the fire risk, thereby detecting and suppressing a fire much faster than external detection systems.  Using Clean Agent fire suppression technology and proven pneumatic fire detection, the system requires no electricity, giving you peace of mind that there is 24/7 protection.  Clean Agents prevent damage to your electrical assets and zero clean-up is required.

Reacton provide proven, cost-effective fire suppression systems to automatically eliminate fires in electrical panels and enclosures.  Reacton systems can be fitted virtually anywhere, from small or large electrical cabinets to electrical switch panels.



Help protect your electrical assets with a Reacton system




  • Flexible range – can be fitted to any cabinet, enclosure or panel
  • Easy to install, modular design
  • 3 year warranty included
  • Adaptable – the system can be integrated with any alarm, alert or monitoring system
  • No electrical power required – ready to detect and operate without electricity supply
  • Quality management system BSI ISO9001:2015, audited by BSI
  • Quality components manufactured and checked to the highest standards
  • Rugged design – stainless-steel functional components, vibration tested to ISO
  • CE & DOT global compliance
  • Certified system and component testing: leakage, aging, corrosion
  • Certified detection tube testing & analysis


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